2017 Track Leaders


Prudence Priest

Divine Womb to Tomb

I commune with Nature  and our God/desses on an almost daily basis. I worship the ground I walk on, and in the true Baltic religion I sing and dance to live. I have been a member of Romuva [the Baltic Faith] since last century. In 2012, Krivis Jonas Trinkunas appointed me ambassadress to the USA, an office I am proud to hold and fulfill every chance I have to do so.

I own one of the houses in Romuva village [Dvarciskes]. When I purchased it, it gave Romuva over six contiguous properties and made us a village. I consider this my life’s gift to my co-religionists. In America, I attend many festivals and host several gatherings. I have represented Romuva at the dedication of the Interfaith Chapel at the Presidio in SF. I speak of our traditions at many gatherings large and small.

I am in contact with many American Elders and priest/esses. I’m still learning how to use a computer and my phone is dumb & blind. Thank the Gods that I don’t need either one of these to practice my religion!


Rowena Whaling

Intuition and Divination

Born into the magical world of stage lights, sceneries, orchestras and Chorus lines, Rowena spent her childhood on the road with her theatrical parents. Always looking to the stars to find her way home, she heard in them the music: and ever since then music and writing has been her life.

By the time she was ten years old, she was writing poetry and short stories expanding on the Classical Greek tragedies – adding characters and extending the story lines to suit her creativity. She was also testing the waters writing her own musical plays, complete with dialog and songs, and she sang. She would sing for anyone who asked, – notably in the dressing rooms and hotel suites of many of the stars her parents worked with.

A highly spiritual person. Rowena’s search for truths and the divine began at the early age of 6. As she grew, so did her interest in many of the world’s religions—both modern and ancient, and continues to exhibit itself in her witchy naturalism.

As a very young woman, Rowena descended upon New York City with the intent of joining one of that city’s opera companies, but despite her love of opera, her writing steered her in other directions. She was immediately discovered by several music business people who offered her songwriting and recording contracts, so she began writing songs for other people and recording her own albums.

Even though her major label recording debut met with much acclaim, she, like so many other artists, had her hopes dashed, and became entangled in a years long lawsuit.
During this crisis, her mother suggested she open a childcare center and she remains the maven and proprietor of an enchanting childcare run from her beautiful Victorian cottage in Nashville; which has been awarded with the highest of ratings. Yet, through all the years, the Voices of the Stars spoke to her and inspired the exquisitely written first novel of the series “Voices of the Stars”. She is currently engrossed in the creation of the second book in the series


Lady Caru

Traditions vs Traditionalist

Lady Caru, (Jill Salmen)  has been involved with the craft in various roles for 30 plus years . She is now an Elder of Dynion Mwyn and also enjoys Reiki, meditation, gardening and singing. She and her wonderful  husband Ysbrid Blaidd, who is an historian and writer, High Priest live in TN with their 4 dogs and 3 cats. A more recent interest is in intentional community as a way to preserve the craft and to re-link humanity and to the Divine. Dynion Mwyn seeks to re-link humanity to Nature, each other and the Divine.