Three Gates Gathering

Cube of Space

Session 1

We’ll discuss the very beginning of the creation story found in the Sepher Yetzirah (annihilation and the limitless concepts of the Mother Letters), the emergence of conceptual three-dimensional space, and Mama Gina’s own theory – and experience – that practical application of this knowledge can be a guide to conscious creation. For those that bring Tarot cards, The Fool, The Hanged Man, and Judgement will be handy.

Session 2

We’ll work through specific questions as we begin to determine boundaries (the limits of the Double Letters) in defining what we wish to create.  The corresponding 7 Tarot cards are The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Wheel, The Tower, The Sun, and The World.

Session 3

We’ll fix the boundaries (the experience of the Simple Letters) and begin to travel through our conceptual world, interacting and experiencing the consequences of our new creation.  A discussion will include the 12 remaining Major Arcana