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Burning Sage

In 2002 Burning Sage was created by founding members Lin Sanders on guitar and vocals and Sue Balaschak on drums and percussion.  Composed as an all-girl power trio throughout their early years, Burning Sage has always been intensely dynamic, driven, and diverse. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, the band has toured the Midwest and Eastern states performing a blend of venues including the major music festival circuit, as well as hard rock clubs and acoustic houses.

Throughout the years, they have been seen performing in an array of eclectic styles including hard rock, acoustic, metal, world, and Sue’s “The Primal Rhythm Drum Ensemble.” Through the magical songwriting of Lin Sanders and the Tribalistic ritual style of Sue Balaschak’s drum arrangements, the song craft of Burning Sage has remained a fluid musing of the heart. The girls have strived to produce music for uplifting, deep thinking, love and prayer for the people; with a little heat of the dragon thrown in.

The mystical music style that these Muses create fluctuates from melodic and sensual, dusky and wild, to earthy and epic. Throughout the years, performances have been intense with pounding tribal drums beneath etheric passionate vocals. Lin has not been afraid to open her heart and spill her life force on top of the dynamic pounding of Sue’s melodic drum rhythms and amidst the interwoven flourishment of Dawn Heartsong’s graceful accoutrement placement.

Burning Sage has released three CDs. Their first full length CD, “Purification” was released in 2003.  “Unveiled,” the acoustic CD, was released in 2005.  The girls were back in the studio to record their next full length CD “True to Form,” that was released in the spring of 2016.

The members of Burning Sage currently include singer/songwriter and guitarist Lin Sanders, drummer/percussionist Sue Balaschak, and percussionist Dawn Heartsong.




Ginger Ackley



Ginger is a Texas native now living in Ohio. She’s taken her life-long passion for music and combined it with a love of history and tradition, and melded into a delightful style of Celtic Folk! Performing both traditional and contemporary songs, she plays her autoharp and whistles.  She is also a songwriter “in the old style” according to Andy M. Stewart of “Silly Wizard” from Scotland.

Ginger and her harps have traveled to the blue Caribbean, the glaciers of Alaska and her heart’s home, Ireland. She started performing at faires and music festivals in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, then traveled to Wyoming and Colorado before landing in Ohio.  She has found new audiences there and in Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia.

She has shared the stage with Red McWilliams, jammed with Aoife Clancy, Jimmy Crowley, Jeb Marum, the Brobdinagian Bards, the Heritage Minstrels and the Bedlam Bards. She was a regular at the Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma Renaissance Faires where her friends gifted her with a special name, “Lark of the Clans.”

Since coming to Ohio, Ginger has found some wonderful new singing partners!  You will often find her accompanying Joe Rollin Porter or Brian Henke with her whistles.  Recently, she has formed a duo with Cleveland singer-songwriter, Jim Snively, called “Pocket Change.”  She’s also adding her whistles and harp to the Euclid group, Witch and Toad.  She often has a duet going with rising Ohio guitar star, Gary Parker (aka Major Lee) – and she is always ready to find a whistle harmony or pull a shaker out of her bag (as she quotes herself:  Music is a “Participative” Sport!) (from her website)

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