Divination and Intuition – Rowena Whaling

How do Divination and Intuition work together. In this track you will learn how to tap into your intuition and utilize it to utilize it as a tool of divination. Our esteemed Priestess Rowena Whaling will take you on a exciting trip through using your intuition to enhance your divination skills.

Divine Womb to TombPrudence Priest

Prudence has a wealth of information on many topics. Her unique take on Divine Womb to Tomb will be extremely interesting. The first Class is entitled: The Moon through the signs; This track will cover what it means to be born with the Moon is any sign of the Zodiac as well as what it means on a daily or moonthly cycle as the Moon travels through the Zodiac.
The second class is called: Amber & Jet – the Witches’ Jewels; this will cover the uses, attributes, myths, etc. concerning these two gems which are not stones at all.

The third class is: Romuva – The Baltic Tradition; This will cover the past, present and future of one of the last surviving indigenous European paths.

Tradition vs Traditionalist – Lady Caru, (Jill Tyner)

re-framed for continuing the craft into the future. This will be a participatory class!  We will be creating not just having a discussion. There are many pagan religions that are based on centuries old practices and traditions of various cultures. Our esteemed Lady Caru, elder of Dynion Mwyn will enliven you on this thought-provoking study.