Three Gates Gathering

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Divination and Intuition – Chancellor Don Lewis

How do divination and intuition work together? Can you be intuitive and not be skilled at divination? How do you know if your intuition is correct? This track will answer these questions and more.

M. Rev. Donald Lewis has been First Priest of the Correllian Tradition for thirty-nine years, and Chancellor of the Correllian Tradition for eighteen years. Rev. Don is President of the Board for Correllian Educational Ministries, Co-founder of Witch School, and Production Head for Magick TV. Rev. Don is an Arch Priest of Isis in the Fellowship of Isis, a Knight Grand Commander in the Noble Order of Tara, and a member of the Triad Union. Rev. Don has overseen the growth of the Correllian Tradition from a small local organization to a Tradition with members all around the globe.

The Cube of Space –  Gina LaMonte

Mama Gina makes both a life and a living sharing her music, magic and mystical notions … often all in the same breath.  She is the author (Gina Estevez) of “Tarot Spreads, Threads and Mandalas” available on Kindle, and has released five solo CDs, a single release “The Day the Pagans Came to Town,” and has more music and books in her head and heart.  You can learn more about her at

Perhaps you have heard of the Tree of Life.  Did you know that there is another amazing Kabbalistic structure called the Cube of Space?  It tells a creation story through the emergence of archetypal energies associated with each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  Beginning at the beginning, Mama Gina will share some of her experiences while studying this magical construct, her passion for conscious creation, and how the application of the Cube and its Tarot associations can help you mindfully re-create your world and yourself.  There will be meditations and we shall be working with the Major Arcana in this track.  Please bring your Tarot deck if you wish, and something comfortable to relax in or on. for more details click here


Tradition vs Traditionalist – Rev. Don Davis 

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