10:00 AM Registration Opens

1:00 PM Workshop Chaos and the Pagan Leader

4:00 PM First Gate

5:30 PM Pot Luck and Orientation

7:00 PM Opening Ritual Wite Rayvn

8:00 PM Musical Performance by Ginger Ackley

9:00 PM Musical Performance by Mama Gina LaMonte

10:30 PM Fire and Drumming



08:00 AM Breakfast

11:00 AM Second class All Tracks

12:00 PM Lunch

2:00 PM Third class All Tracks

4:30 PM Dinner

6:00 PM Auction

8:00 PM Main Ritual

9:00 PM Musical Performance by SJ Tucker

10:30 PM Fire and Dancing



08:30 AM Breakfast

11:00 AM Closing Ritual

1:00 PM Packout