Kamp Athena

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Through the Art of the Sword Path,  Kamp Athena creates sacred space, offers Women trans-formative tools and support for a Warrior’s/Heroine’s Journey of the Soul.

The Sword Sigil Ritual
The purpose of this physical sigil work is to “Embolden women to engage in their inner warrior work, standing in their 20 acres and holding it, collaborating as their Sovereign-self with the world/community on this plane, and then also with the multiverse”. We have anchored this energy here in MN and are bringing it to share in Missouri and then plan on taking it multiple places over time, thus linking all these anchor points together in a web.
We will be asking the community at large to learn a short chant that weaves everyone present on all planes in (also with drumming) at the beginning of the ritual that then sees a small echo of it being repeated DURING the movement work of the sword group. The entire performance ritual will not exceed 15-25 min max. It is pretty direct.
In accordance with aligning with the church, land stewards and protectors …on this plane and Others..we will not be using any steel and wielding polypropylene swords.

Dayna Jean

Founder BIO

Dayna Jean Wolter has been on the Path of the Sword since she discovered the Renaissance Festival in MN circa 1989. She engaged heavily obsessively in training in multiple Western martial arts weapons via the art form of staged combat with En Garde! Unlimited Inc, and with Anthony De Longis in Los Angeles, CA. Dayna Jean has held various weapons certifications from the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) over the years. After 14 years of performing and producing sword, stunt shows with En Garde! Unlimited, Inc and her own production company, Cappa Ferro Productions, she retired from the Renaissance performance world in 2006 and focused adding to on her musical training. In 2016, after kicking cancer’s ass to the curb, she moved her sword work into transformational life coaching with Kamp Athena. She finds great joy every day in sharing her love for the Sword with everyone she encounters….because…..swords.