Three Gates 2016 Comments

This was a good experience as I got to see old friends that I have not seen in years and also to meet new wonderful friends. The staff is just overboard with kindness, compassion, hard work and dedication. As a vendor, there was the right amount of vendors there for the amount of attendees. Any more vendors would have made it such that it would have been an expense to come. When the attendees reach 100 maybe add one more vendor or wait until the number goes to 125. I thank you for understanding that vendors cannot survive if there are too many no matter what size they are. All the vendors were great and there was no crossing of products which is important with small groups and vendors. Next year I will know not to bring incense or metal jewelry as the local shop has a wonderful supply for that. And her oil blends WOW!! Wonderful! If all is well and I have a larger crew to help next year I will be back with more goodies and leave home those products that other vendors already have!

Aside from over exposure to sun, this was a fantastic event. The staff were well coordinated, the rituals were lovely and we had just a great time. My only request is perhaps shady camping next year? It was really hot for me.

Had a very good time … I would definitely recommend it to my students. Love you both. Thanks for all the hospitality!

It was awesome. I had a blast and am looking forward to next year

I was so impressed with the venue, staff, and the track I attended I already registered for NEXT YEAR!

What another wonderful year… Thank you Alfred Willowhawk and Willo for another awesome year… The staff of Wite Rayvn were awesome as usual.. the classes and guests.. awesome.. It truly is an event everyone should mark on their calendar to attend.. with much Love and respect to all… my gratitude

It was fun vending at Three Gates Gathering! It ROCKED! Sans the Missouri Assassin bug bite while packing to leave. Thanks to all the great guys who suffered my packing up! You guys ROCK! It was great to see Kara D Williams, Belladonna Laveau, Dusty Dionne, Phoenix Silverstar, Alfred Willowhawk, Willo’ Wellspring, Lindy Murphy, Rowena Whaling, Ember, Melissa, Rain Dove, and so many more beautiful hearted people – John Brown, Josh, Chris, Terren, Steven, and Kendall. All of you rock!

We would like to thank Alfred Willowhawk and Willo’ Wellspring and all of Wite Rayvn for a wonderful learning weekend at Three Gates. It was great spending time also with all from AOG who attended, there was 9 of us + baby

We made it safe to Marianna. 12 hours later. Great time at Three Gates. Love me some Alfred and Willo’

Home safe…was great to meet lady Willo’ Wellspring, Alfred Willowhawk, Sun Crow, Angela Bavar, Trish, Libra Topaz, Vlad, and Mary and so may many more.

Thanks Everyone for all your hard work, teachings and fellowship! All of us from Apple Oak had a wonderful time. Blessings to each of you.