A Mystery School

Three Gates Gathering

June 12 – 14, 2020

Special Guests 

Rev. Byron Ballard

Rev. Alexander Cabot

Rev. Donald Lewis

Marlaina Donato

Gina LaMonte


Musical Guests

Brian Henke

Mama Gina LaMonte


TGF – Willo' Wellspring and Alfred Willowhawk

We speak with Willo' Wellspring and Alfred Willowhawk, founders of Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church and of the Three Gates Festival, who discuss their careers, their Church, their event, the Identity Wars, and their hopes for the future. Part of Magick TV's Special Coverage of the Tenth Annual Three Gates Festival! #ThreeGatesFestival2018 #CorrellianRoadTrip

Posted by Magick TV on Thursday, August 2, 2018




 Thanks to Rev. Donald Lewis for recording it!

Three Gates Gathering is a Mystery School that is the brainchild of Willo’ Wellspring established in 2008. Its mission is to provide an educational opportunity for individuals from every tradition and at every level to learn and grow from each other in a stress-free, family oriented environment while also accommodating adult needs.

People and groups of Pagans from all over North America come for this weekend of fellowship, music, and learning.



White Raven Retreat Center

4574 State Route 142

West Plains, MO 65775