Festival Information

Welcome! Please review this information before your arrival!


4574 State Route 142

West Plains, MO 65775


The campsites are on the property. There is easy access to the campsites from 142. There is a shower house and bathrooms easily accessible from all campsites, workshop, and vendor areas. The toilet facilities are modern (flush) facilities and there are hot and cold water showers. Please clean up after yourself.

RV’s are welcome however there is only 1 hookup and there is an additional cost to utilize this site. Please contact us after you register for the festival.


What to Bring

Please bring your own camping supplies. Due to restrictions this year, meals will not be served. You will need to bring meals, snacks and additional items that you desire.

Electricity is available if you require it for medical purposes. This should be communicated to the staff in advance of your arrival on site. Please remember to bring your medications.

Please bring garbage bags and observe the recycling rules of the facility. Our staff will be happy to guide you in this if you need the assistance.

Please only use that wood that is designated by our site staff. All other wood is for the main fire pit. Please do not cut down any trees and only use that wood that is on the ground or around your campsites. Please utilize existing fire rings.

Please remember to bring CHAIRS!


Youth Curfew

Youths under the age of 17 need to be at their campsites by 11 PM. No children will be permitted at the main or bardic fire pits after 11 PM. Parents are responsible for their children.


Auction & Raffle

We will have a Silent Auction that is set up near the registration area that will be completed on Saturday Night. Also there is a special auction for specific items that will be auctioned Saturday night. All proceeds of these auctions go to improvements of the site.



Please remember that the parking on site is very tight. If you know you will need to leave during the festival please let the parking attendants know when you first park your car. Otherwise it may be blocked in by other vehicles.



Our medical team is available 24 hours a day in the church building. If you need first aid please contact either a staff member or if you can go to the church building. In case of emergency please contact a staff member immediately.



Please patronize our vendors. They have been chosen with care to offer you the best selection of goods for your magical and mundane needs.